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Join Christopher Tucker’s Class Action Lawsuit Against “Muckraker” Sean From TRPWL

Yes, according to the only journalist to win as many major awards as me, Peter Warren, I’m a “Muckraker. I’m told that muckraker is a term of endearment, so thanks Peter..

Anyway, some of you may remember Christopher Tucker, the guy who would order custom vids from girls then do …read more

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Ex-Porn Bummer, Danny Wylde (aka Christopher Zeischegg), Opens Online Store

The porn star, Danny Wylde (who’s birth name is Christopher Zeischegg), has been retired from XXX for three years now. But that’s not stopping him from keeping his greedy hands in the adult entertainment market.

He recently launched his official website, Today, he launches his first official …read more

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