“Parents Should Ensure Their Kids Use Porn In Moderation” UC Santa Barbara

Only in California..Good to see those tax dollars at work..Fail

One of California’s top universities, UC Santa Barbara, is now encouraging parents to let their children watch porn because it is “generally harmless” for four-year-olds to touch each other’s genitals.

The SexInfo Online website, operated by UCSB students specializing …read more

New Men.com Scene Features Drag Superstar Alaska Thunderfuck #SFWTrailer

Men.com will release the latest installment of their hugely popular ‘Ass Controller’ series featuring Drag Race winner Alaska Thunderfuck on Friday, June 22nd.

As a partnership with JeJoue, the adult toy company, the Ass Controller series explores what happens when you wear their app-controlled butt plug, Nuo, in compromising public …read more

FEARLESS’ Brian Begin Breaks Down the Basics of Believing In Yourself

Success coach Brian Begin is breaking down the basics of self-esteem in his latest blog post, ‘Start Believing in Yourself with These Powerful but Simple Steps’, available now at thefearlessman.com.

The FEARLESS instructor’s revealing article outlines the simple process of letting go of stuck emotions, limiting beliefs & thoughts, as …read more