Monthly Archives: February 2019

Carter Cruise Shits All Over ScumBag Axel Braun

Axel is famous for ripping people off. Carter wasn’t having it

From the tenor of her tweets, it looks like she came out victorious in her Labor Board complaint

Fuck Axel

<img src="" alt="" width="1110" height="1239" srcset=" 1110w,×150.jpeg 134w,×391.jpeg 350w,×857.jpeg 768w,×502.jpeg 450w,×926.jpeg 830w" sizes="(max-width: 1110px) …read more

Rob Piper Reveals All on Holly Randall Unfiltered

Tall, dark and handsome performer Rob Piper reveals all in an intimate chat on popular adult industry podcast, Holly Randall Unfiltered and the episode is now available for download here and at all podcast providers.

“My experience was amazing,” says Rob. “It was the first time I’ve ever …read more

Pineapple Support Reaches 100 Person Milestone

In a major milestone, Pineapple Support has connected over one hundred adult performers to mental health services, including direct therapy, therapeutic listening and provision of mental health resources.

Founder Leya Tanit says the adult industry non-profit, which is dedicated to improving mental health access for adult performers, has seen a tremendous …read more

Adult Directory Slixa Highlights U.S. Law FOSTA/SESTA’s Far-Reaching Effects

Adult entertainment services site has joined the industry wide fight against the controversial – and some say unconstitutional – FOSTA-SESTA ‘sex trafficking’ law.

The online directory’s blog has published several informative posts over the past few months highlighting the current plight of American sex workers since the law went into …read more