Sgt. Captain Private 7th Class Astrid Star Is A Complete Moron #AstridStar #KIA #RIP

It would seem the Astrid Army is located in the same area, and here’s a good one, the whole Astrid Army stopped posting after Astrid made this tweet last night:

And you know what else, the Astrid Army twitter account stopped DM’ing and tweeting around that time as well.

That’s Astrid pretending to be a fan replying to a tweet from a few days ago.

Apparently, Astrid Star sacrificed her life for people like me, she will be missed. LOL! If Astrid was Killed In Action, who’s pretending to be her? Was her top secret clearance so top secret they had to fake her death? Is Astrid Al Qaeda? Is she a Chinese Spy? Even worse, Did she push Joe Biden down the stairs of Air Force one? if so, who paid her? Is she really Joe Biden’s friend Corn Pop in disguise? He was a bad dude.

Enough of these conspiracy theories, lets read some of Astrid’s comments.

Concerning her arrest:

The misdemeanor dui was on may 12,2012 !! You just made yourself look stupid. Lmao

She never got a dui // And has no felonies. Her record is clean

LOL Her arrest for DUI is public record, and shes now contradicted her own self

She already proved you lied about everything you said and she gave evidence she served in the war on terrorism and afghan and iran war.

Holy shit, when did we go to war with Iran?

Last chance leave our sailor alone
because we will never give up.” Honor, courage commitment”. Whatyou did was illegal and we all have proof of it. You messed with the wrong group and a true sweet navy veteran girl. Your an evil person and I hope you have learned your lesson and stop bullying people and making up rumors and lies especially to innocent people who don’t deserve it

Bully? isn’t your bullying of Tana how this all started?

. Im on of her die heard military fans and your messing with the wrong community. You don’t want to anger the military and veterans trust me. It’s a war you don’t want to start

Remember. these comments are all the same 3 IPS.

I am a marine who served in the marines. For you to speak down on a navy veteran that I personally served with is a disgrace … You will be found
Yours truly

Astrid Star is a true Navy 9/11 Veteran.

Your posts are all lies. I served with Astrid Star in the Navy. If you are saying she is lying I will personally come out on video proving I served with her . Your a piece of shit and a loser for trying to take away someone’s service and hard earned sacrifice . It is also illegal to deny someone their military service .

She used the wrong “you’re” in almost every comment


Over the years I’ve dealt with some batshit crazy performers, all of them unique in their own sort of way. From women rapists to women beaters, I had thought I’d seen it all. That was until drunk Astrid Star showed up on my radar…

Quick refresher, she popped up on my …read more